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Partner with Smile-Vision to build fee-for-service cosmetic and restorative dentistry into YOUR practice!
Smile-Vision will help you get the cases you want and then help you deliver them more predictably and profitably in 3 ways:
  1. Managed Marketing: Managed Marketing provides dental office with sophisticated web-based monitoring tools that allow dentists to get more from their marketing dollars by targeting the right patients. Read more...
  2. Cosmetic Imaging: On-line professional cosmetic simulations improve case acceptance by 200% to 300% and are the first step in delivering the results patients will love more predictably and profitably. Read more...
  3. Custom Lab: Smile-Vision's custom lab headed by Jonathan Brooks MDT treats EVERY case with Loving Care. When you work with Smile-Vision using the Template Technique you'll get an as-planned result every time for maximum predictability & profitability. Read more...
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Our Advanced Ordering System allows you to submit the patient's photo along with your imaging instructions by simply selecting the image file on your computer. Then, when the case is complete, view it on Your Own Personal Home Page!
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This Smile-Vision Web site was developed with you, the practicing cosmetic dentist, in mind. Inside you'll learn...
  • How Smile-Vision Cosmetic Imaging works, and how you can use it to make your practice boom
  • How to deliver predictable, "as-planned" results every time
  • A powerful method you can use to get patients interested in cosmetic treatment
  • Answers to dentists' most frequent questions about Smile-Vision
  • About the articles that have been published on the Smile-Vision system
  • What our participating dentists are saying about the Smile-Vision system
  • About the fine people behind the Smile-Vision program and services